iPhone 5 Orders now Shipping in 2 – 3 Weeks

I mentioned yesterday that the iPhone 5 was announced recently. Today the pre-orders went active around 8am in the UK. Within just a few hours, the first batch of pre-orders have now sold out. This means that any pre-orders made now will be shipped 2 – 3 weeks after the release date of September 21.

How can you get an iPhone 5 at launch?

Obviously the online Apple store is not an option, so what I would suggest you take one of the following options:

1.)Queue up at the store on the morning of launch. Apple stores tend to have more stock than non-Apple stores, so your best bet is to wait in line. Some who are extreme queue up for days before the event and camp out, but having attended the iPhone 4 launch my self, it took just a few hours in a queue from arriving at the time the shop opened.

2.)You could try the various carriers. A number of them such as Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and O2 will be selling the device although at the moment it isn’t clear when they will be shipping out the new smartphone to users. This might be an option should you want it on contract to lessen the blow of the £529 price tag.

3.)Try an Apple reseller. These stores in the UK are occasionally tucked away in a corner somewhere and queues can be a lot lower. Some even take reservations over the phone if you let them know which model you get.

Other than that, you might be able to pick one up at somewhere like Carphone warehouse although I suggest you hunt around.

As with all, or most, iPhone launches, Apple runs out of stock quite quickly so in the future it’s best to just try and order as soon as pre-orders open up if you want to avoid queues and have the device delivered to your door.

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