Learning SwiftUI–Again

I keep jumping around programming languages for the past few years. For work, I’ve been learning C# with .NET. Prior to that, it was Python and Vue.js, and before that, it was PHP, GraphQL and a few other things.

But I want to learn SwiftUI again, so I’ve started writing tutorials on my other blog. I have created three so far that show how to make requests to OpenAI to allow a user of an iPhone app to hold a conversation with ChatGPT. The three tutorials were fun to write and getting into SwiftUI again was good. The articles are:

One problem I keep facing with trying to learn SwiftUI is that I struggle to maintain time to learn each week. Each time I start learning it, I get sidetracked onto building something else in a different language, and yet, I still really like mobile dev, particularly for the iPhone.

I did find it interesting that a year (well, 15 months) of intense programming in C# has made learning SwiftUI a little easier. I find that I am learning the concepts a little quicker, such as @State property wrappers and how views work as well as HTTP requests. Although those three tutorials are simple in what they do, they all touch on various aspects of SwiftUI and Swift which helped me quickly pick up from where I left off last time I worked with SwiftUI.

At the moment, I aim to keep on writing articles for devfright.com because feedback from several years ago in my Objective-C days and Swift days was always positive. I enjoyed the interactions in the comments and enjoyed helping people improve their programming skills.

I’ll keep you updated on how things go, or if you want to follow along, feel free to follow over at devfright.

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