Amazon Eero Ordered

With my home gaining more and more wireless devices as time goes on, I decided today to order the Amazon Eero to test and see how it performs around my house.

I currently use the Virgin Media Super Hub 3 and although it performs better than the previous model I had, it’s becoming more apparent that it’s struggling to keep up with all the wireless devices that we connect to it.

Wireless devices include multiple laptops, a desktop, several phones, watches, security cameras, several Amazon Echos, a couple of Fire TVs, an Apple TV, and probably other devices that I cannot think of right now.

Virgin state that Super Hub 3 can handle more than 20 devices, but it’s becoming clear that with all the streaming of movies, cameras, as well as many Zoom meetings this year, that it just can’t handle the traffic we push through it day to day.

I’m looking forwards to testing the Amazon Eero when it arrives tomorrow. According to the stats, each device can handle up to 128 connected devices. It is recommended to keep the number of devices to 30 per Eero if streaming is being used, but as our devices are spread around three floors in our home, this limitation should be OK for us for some time to come as some streaming devices will be connected to a different Eero than another streaming device.

With Amazon starting their Black Friday deals recently, I managed to pick up a pack of three Eero’s for £149.40.

I’ll be testing over the weekend to see how they perform and will write up my findings and let you know if I can recommend it or not. My recommendation criteria is getting a good upload and download speed from any location in the house where the internet is used. My office, for example, is at the top of the house and signal is very weak and often drops. My download speed is typically around 220Mbps under perfect conditions, but right now on just one floor up it has dropped all the way down to 5Mbps. It sometimes isn’t that bad, but right now it just seems the network is overwhelmed.

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