How to Speed up the Domain Transfer from Godaddy to Another Domain Registrar

Yesterday I started the process to move from Godaddy to Amazon Route 53. I went through the process of unlocking the domain at Godaddy, getting an authorisation code from them, and then starting the transfer steps in Route 53. All went fairly smoothly (except a billing issue where my card had just expired a few days ago).

When the billing issue was resolved (only took a few minutes), the transfer proceeded to step 7 in Amazon which is Waiting for the current registrar to complete the transfer (step 7 of 14). Godaddy sent an email yesterday saying:

If you wish to cancel, or did not request this transfer, log in to your account before 09 January 2017 by clicking the button below to decline the transfer.

I wanted things to go quicker than the 9th January, so I did some Google searches and found a tip that suggested you go in to Godaddy and accept the transfer manually. I did that and about 2 minutes later I got an email from Amazon saying the domain transfer was complete.

How to Manually Approve a Domain Transfer in Godaddy

To manually approve a domain transfer in Godaddy you login, go to Manage My Domains. At the top left, click on Domains and then Transfers.

You should see your domain name listed under "Pending Transfers Out". Click the checkmark, and then click on the Accept/Decline button. Select the correct option to accept the transfer.

What Next?

Just wait. When you complete this step in Godaddy it expedites the domain transfer. The instructions I read indicated it could be about 24 hours before it happens which is far better than waiting a few days. However, for me it was just a couple of minutes.

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