YouTube Returns to the iPhone

It’s actually difficult to say that YouTube was taken away from the iPhone because technically it hasn’t been taken away yet for regular users. But, as soon as Apple release iOS 6, which could be as early as tomorrow, the built-in YouTube app will be gone. It was taken away at some point in the beta version of iOS 6 due to the contract between Google and Apple ending. Well, it is now coming back thanks to an app released by Google on the App Store today.

The good news with this version of the app is that it looks extremely good. YouTube on the iPhone has been the same ever since the launch of the iPhone. The new version makes accessing YouTube feel a little more up to date. It runs smooth, has a number of new features built-in and is actually great to use.

One thing I find disappointing at the moment is that Google hasn’t released a version for the iPad which could potentially leave users out in the dark when iOS 6 is released. But, there’s still a bit of time for Google to remedy this. My personal thoughts are that Google is just taking a bit of extra time due to the difference in screen size. The YouTube app on iPhone is far different to the version on the iPad and Google will need to take this in to consideration.

Of course, not only YouTube is being removed from iOS 6. Another big app which is part of the iPhone and iPad line is Google Maps with street view built-in. Simply put, Google Maps will be gone when iOS 6 is released as Apple has replaced Google Maps with its own mapping technology. This also means that the very handy Street View is gone. It is likely that Google will also release a Google Maps app for iOS 6 within the next few weeks. I believe that many people will download it. Google has years of experience with mapping technology and street view is extremely handy for getting more perspective on a place you are trying to find.

Apple Maps are not bad though. Essentially, it’s another mapping system. A few novelty features include the 3D flyover which looks amazing (Google now offers this as well). Also, the vector based maps work extremely well. iOS users will also benefit from the navigation functions built-in. Google withheld navigation from iOS users (not sure why… could be so that Android had the upper edge or that the contract simply didn’t allow it). Either way, iOS 6 users will get navigation with Apple Maps although note that it is only current generation devices only. From my understanding, iPhone 4 and older and iPad 1 (possibly 2 as well) also do not get it.

I look forwards to what Apple is announcing tomorrow. We should hear more of iOS 6, but also another important one is the iPhone 5 that is expected.

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